Virginia Safety Rest Area Brochure

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing in 2017!

Consider the benefits you can receive by combining Tourism’s Welcome Centers, and Virginia’s Safety Rest Areas. It’s at this local and regional level that tourism partners increase visibility, awareness, and revenue from travelers.

VDOT traffic reports tell us Virginia highways had increased vehicle counts in 2016 – more travelers are taking advantage of Virginia’s convenient, well-maintained rest areas. Over 3 million brochures were distributed from the rest area displays in 2016! Reach travelers again during their drive time on Virginia’s highways so they can take advantage of your services.

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Virginia Safety Rest Area Corridors

There are three Safety Rest Area Corridors to choose from when selecting your brochure distribution. Each corridor is shown on the map below and detailed in the description below. You may use a single corridor, two corridors or all three to distribute your brochures. All prices are for a single brochure (4"x9" brochure). Additional brochure pockets can be purchased to accommodate larger publications and multiple pockets for multiple brochures can be used as well.


I-81 & I-77 Corridor (13 Rest Areas)

(locations 1 - 10 on map) 
Annual Traffic Count: 9,282,100

Abingdon (I-81 NB) 
Fairfield (I-81 SB)
Ironto (I-81 NB)
Mt. Sidney (I-81 NB & SB) 
New Market (I-81 NB & SB) 
Radford (I-81 NB & SB) 
Rocky Gap (I-77 NB)
Rural Retreat (I-81 NB) 
Smyth (I-81 SB) 
Troutville (I-81 SB)

I-95 & I-85 & I-66 Corridor (12 Rest Areas)

(locations 11 - 16 on map)
Annual Traffic Count: 9,128,800

Alberta (I-85 NB & SB)
Carson (I-95 NB)
Dale City (I-95 NB & SB)
Dale City Trucks(I-95 NB & SB) 
Dinwiddie (I-85 NB & SB) 
Ladysmith (I-95NB & SB)
Manassas (I-66 EB)

I-64 Corridor (5 Rest Areas) 

(locations 17 - 19 on map) 
Annual Traffic Count: 4,332,700

Charlottesville (I-64 EB & WB) 
Goochland (I-64 EB & WB) 
East Coast Gateway (I-64 WB)

Terms and Conditions

The Rest Area brochure distribution program is a 12-month program that begins January 1, and runs until December 31. Your enrollment remains in effect for the entire year even if the brochures you supply are depleted prior to the end of the year. Highway Information Media will provide you with a monthly inventory report of brochures on hand and also contact you and request additional brochures for distribution should the supply of brochures you provide fall below the quantity needed.

Complete Your Order
Please note that Safety Rest Area brochures are distributed through our Central Warehouse. We will provide you with shipping instructions after we have confirmed your enrollment information and 2017 Safety Rest Area selections. A copy of the brochure must be uploaded on this form or emailed to prior to shipping. Please do not send payment with your enrollment form. You will receive an invoice in the mail after we have confirmed your enrollment information and 2017 Safety Rest Area selections.