Freestanding Rack Reservation Form

Travel and Tourism-related businesses, organizations, attractions, and DMOs have the opportunity to place a free-to-travelers publication rack at Virginia Tourism Welcome Centers and VDOT Safety Rest Areas. More than 33 million travelers stop at these 41 locations annually – placing a distribution rack for your publications at all or at targeted locations places your printed piece where travelers will see it when they stop!

Examples of Publication Rack Placements at Rest Areas and Welcome Centers*

(*All racks are placed in VTC/VDOT-approved locations. Locations are different at each rest area and Welcome Center based on building design and pedestrian safety requirements. There are eight approved outdoor rack spaces at rest areas and Welcome Centers; please note at six Welcome Centers there are only five indoor rack spaces available due to those smaller building sizes.)

All Freestanding Racks at Virginia Tourism Welcome Centers are $450 annually.

You have daily servicing of your rack. Welcome Center Staff have your publication inside the Welcome Center during operating hours in an indoor rack you provide (VTC must approve indoor racks); at 4:30 every evening your publication is placed in the weather-­resistant outdoor rack you provide.

All Freestanding Racks at VDOT Safety Rest Areas are $450 annually.

Partners with racks at 25 or more Rest Areas receive a discounted rate of $399 annually.

You provide the weather-­resistant outdoor rack for the rest areas you enroll for placement. You maintain and restock the racks with the approved publication for your rack. Please note: Enrollment is for ONE rack distributing ONE publication at a location. Contact Highway Information Media if you wish to distribute multiple publications in one rack, or wish to place multiple racks at one location. Preferably, racks should not exceed the guideline dimensions of 60” tall x 25” wide x 20” deep.

Freestanding Rack Specifications

To maintain a uniform aesthetic appearance and to keep walkways and the building entrances accessible, we request your distribution racks comply with the following size guidelines:

  • No more than 60” high
  • No more than 25” wide
  • No more than 20” deep

Contact Information
Organization Information
Freestanding Rack Welcome Center and Service Rest Area Locations

Terms and Conditions

Highway Information Media, LLC will provide your company/organization access to the Virginia Department of Transportation Safety Rest Areas (SRAs) and/or Virginia Tourism's Visitor Welcome Centers (VWCs) for the purpose of placing an all-weather, freestanding magazine distribution box (rack) in an approved, designated area for the purpose of distributing your approved publication. Racks larger than 60” tall x 25” wide x 20” deep require review by VDOT to ensure walkways and building access are not impeded.

You agree your publication will comply with the Virginia Tourism Corporations' distribution guidelines and it will be made available to travelers using the Virginia SRAs and Welcome Centers at no cost to the traveler. Any publication sold/distributed via a coin box requires a different agreement for vending services. That agreement is administered by CRH Catering Inc.

Maintenance of your distribution rack(s) is the responsibility of your organization. You agree that your rack(s) will be resupplied with your current publication by your employees, contractors, or agents a minimum of once a month. More frequent supply may be necessary as travel demand and content updates dictate. Highway Information Media LLC, Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia Tourism Corporation, and their contractors and agents assume no responsibility for the care or maintenance of your racks, unless agreed to in a separate document.

You agree you will repair or remove within 72 hours of receiving telephone, email, fax, or mailed notification from Highway Information Media LLC, Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia Tourism Corporation, or their contractors or agents that any rack is in disrepair, has been damaged, or has not been supplied with your current publication for 30 consecutive days. No rebate, discount, or refund shall be provided for a rack that is not kept in good repair or is not resupplied by you, your employees, or contractors or agents.

You agree to pay Highway Information Media LLC in advance or as otherwise agreed the amount shown in the enrollment agreement within the terms of the invoice(s) resulting from this agreement. Unless noted otherwise, this agreement is for the period January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.

Full payment for the year is due within 30 days of invoicing.

You acknowledge that Highway Information Media LLC, the department of Transportation, Virginia Tourism Corporation, or their contractors or agents may remove any or all of your SRA and VWC distribution racks(s) if a rack remains empty/subserviced, damaged, or in disrepair for more than 72 hours after notice had ben sent, or if you have a 30-day or more past due balance on any account with Highway Information Media LLC.

Complete Your Order
Please do not send payment with your enrollment form. You will receive an invoice in the mail after we have confirmed your enrollment information and 2016 Welcome Center selections.