Terms and Provisions

  1. ENROLLMENT RATES: Participant agrees to the PMAP program rates as detailed on the PMAP enrollment form completed by the participant.
  2. CANCELLATION: Participation in the PMAP program may be cancelled by notice in writing by the participant, and the participant agrees it shall compensate Highway Information Media LLC in full for all work or services performed prior to cancellation.
  3. ALTERATIONS/SPECIFICATIONS: If participant makes changes in specifications or instructions resulting in additional costs, participant agrees to pay those costs.
  4. COPYRIGHT: Highway Information Media LLC specifically represents that it assumes no liability of any kind in connection with the processing and distribution of materials, brochures or advertising supplied by participant that is protected by copyright law.
  5. THIS AGREEMENT is deemed executed by the parties in the Commonwealth of Virginia and shall be enforceable only in Virginia pursuant to the laws of Virginia.
  6. LAWS AND REGULATIONS: Participant acknowledges that Participant shall comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations appertaining to any matter with respect to this agreement, and agrees that Highway Information Media LLC shall have no obligation to advise or assist participant in compliance with said laws and regulations, said compliance being the participant’s sole obligation and responsibility.
  7. PAYMENT Participant agrees to pay its invoices “net 30” upon receipt of every invoice. Failure to pay invoices as agreed may result in the suspension of material and/or brochure distribution and all other PMAP program participation for which the participant is enrolled.
  8. MATERIALS SUPPLIED. Participant is responsible for supplying the materials, brochures and advertising to be distributed or displayed via the PMAP program. Participant’s failure to provide materials, brochures and advertising as requested by Highway Information Media LLC or by the Virginia Tourism Corporation does not relieve participant from payment of its invoices under this enrollment agreement. The participant understands that this agreement remains in effect even if materials and brochures are depleted before this agreement expires.
  9. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS. Participant agrees that while Highway Information Media LLC and the Virginia Tourism Corporations will each exert its best efforts to distribute materials, brochures and advertising as specified in the enrollment agreement, Highway Information Media LLC’s liability for any distribution errors or omissions are limited to the dollar amount shown on the participant’s PMAP enrollment form.
  10. BROCHURE DIMENSIONS. Brochures and materials supplied by the participant must be no larger than 4” wide and 9 ¾” tall for single-pocket distribution. Brochures that exceed that size will be enrolled and invoiced at the doublepocket rate. Brochures enrolled for double-pocket distribution must be no larger than 8 ½” wide and 11” tall. Double-pocket distribution is available only at Virginia Tourism Welcome Centers. Materials and brochures larger than 4” wide and 9 ¾” tall distributed at Safety Rest Areas must be distributed via a PMAP free-standing-rack enrollment.
  11. MATERIALS PACKAGING. Materials and brochures supplied for distribution via the PMAP program must be provided in bundles of 25, 50 or 100. Cartons of materials supplied by the participant must be clearly labeled, with the name of the enclosed item, and the quantity enclosed clearly marked on every carton of materials or brochures supplied for distribution.

January, 2016